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Cool Operator 03:39

Алла Пугачева В Стокгольме • 1997

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Текст песни «Cool Operator»

Cool operator, tell me why it's busy on the line
Cool operator, can't you see I'm standing by this time
You don't have to tell me that it's very late
This call can hardly wait
So get me my lover on the telephone
I'm feeling so alone
Cool operator, I just have to reach that man of mine
SOS, this is an urgent call
I hope you see the situation
So help me now, before I loose control
You seem to run the show
You're acting much so slow

Cool operator, I'm running out of time
Cool operator, try again and see what you can find
You don't seem to worry about this silly thing
Go on and give him a ring
If we stay apart I know my heart will break
It's more than I can take
SOS, this is an urgent call

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