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Help Me Dr. Dick 03:43

The Power Of Sex • 1996

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Текст песни «Help Me Dr. Dick»

I'm doc, doc, doctor Dick
And when you're feeling sick
Babe, I know a trick
It's sex, and it's sex, you'll be feelin' alright
Hey, let's have sex together and forever tonight
I'm your doc, doc, doctor doctor Dick
And I gonna heal you with my fabulous stick
So, undress, please, undress, but don't be a sleeper
I will touch you, I will touch you, ddddeeper

Come on, please help me, doctor Dick
I need your love, I feel so sick
I need a kick and you're so big
Oh, doctor, please, deep, deep, deeper
Help me, doctor Dick
My fever's rising, please come quick
I know you know a little trick
Oh, doctor, please, deep, deep, deeper
Come on, help me, doctor Dick
Come on, doctor, help me quick

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