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Tears On Tape 03:21

Tears On Tape • 2013

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Впервые прозвучала 05 марта 2013 г. на станции Moscow FM
16758 место в сводном хит-параде MOSKVA.FM

Текст песни «Tears On Tape»

Church bells toll,
Thunder roars around me
I've been warned to prepare myself for the fall
I'm armed to the teeth with tender pain,
Up all yesterdays.

Tears on tape
I will follow into your heart
Sketching rain from afar
Tears on tape
She surrenders needle in arm
While we dance into the storm.

Darkness falls,
Settling the score with love for once and for all
Soaked in blood, I cry
I fell with those tears as summer rain
Lonely and afraid.

Tears on tape

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